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January 20


08:48 am - 08:48 am

Free 6-week workshop for couples to attend together to learn skills for communication, money management, & stress management

Please share both partners’ contact information including email addresses and phone numbers. Don’t see a workshop time that fits your schedule? Fill out this form with your contact information and preferred date! You can also text us at 240-391-8203 with any questions.


The TOGETHER Program provides a safe place for couples wanting to work together to build long-lasting changes in their families. We offer the TOGETHER Workshop, case management services, and employment services to all eligible couples in a virtual setting* in which no in-person meetings are required or expected. Program participation includes the 6-week workshop through video-conferencing and three months of case management (assessment of needs and referral to community services) and employment case management for those in need of such services (help with employment and connection to employment support services) through email and/or phone. It also includes the completion of electronic surveys so that the effectiveness of the program can continue to be evaluated.

*Workshops are held at the same time each week. Couples should only sign up for one workshop date.

Program Details:

In the Relationship and Financial Education Workshop, couples learn about:

1. Communication and Conflict Management

2. Stress Management

3. Problem-Solving

4. Money Management

Please be aware that both partners are required to attend together, and couples must be able to attend 6 sessions to be considered for participation. We suggest that couples attend the video-conferencing from the same computer and in a private space.

Our Workshop Format looks like:

● 6 meetings (2.5-3 hours each) once per week, same day and time each week via video-conferencing (Zoom)

● 6 to 10 couples per group

● Weeknights or weekends

● Each session led by experienced couples expert and financial expert


As participants of this program, each couple may receive up to $160 in gift cards ($80 per partner) for survey completion. If you decide to complete additional surveys, you may receive additional gift cards. Ask your case manager prior to the first session for more information about the additional surveys.

How Can You Participate?

If you and your partner are over the age of 18, and speak and understand the English or Spanish language, TOGETHER may be the right program for you! Are you looking for our program in Spanish? Visit our main page for the list of Spanish workshops:

Please note, our program serves couples living or working preferably in Prince George’s County and Montgomery County, Maryland. However, while we are online, we are able to offer our workshops to couples throughout the DMV area (including Northern Virginia and Washington, DC).

For online delivery purposes, couples will need access to a computer and/or phone with internet access and a video camera so that they can obtain the program information as well as participate in the group setting.

Once you register for the program, you and your partner will receive a confirmation email separately from Eventbrite and then another email by an assigned case manager with a link that will have the consent form and a six-question survey for each partner to fill out prior to their first video-conferencing meeting. Once you have consented to participate and filled out the survey, the assigned case manager will email each partner the instructions to join the first workshop virtual meeting online.

In order to participate, you should feel safe to discuss financial problems during activities in our workshop. This program may not be appropriate for couples who do not meet the following criteria:

(a) Both partners are 18 years or older, (b) both partners can understand, speak, and read English OR Spanish, (c) there is no severe domestic violence (DV) in the couple relationship (e.g., choking, punching, using weapons against one another, etc.) and/or no inter-partner violence that has resulted in an injury in the last 12 months, (d) neither partner is currently diagnosed with a severe mental health diagnosis (e.g., bipolar disorders, major depressive disorder, and substance abuse disorders) that is not being untreated through psychotherapy and/or medication and/or required hospitalization in the last six months; and/or (e) neither partner has been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder, a neurodevelopmental disorder, or a learning disability that may interfere with understanding presented materials.

Participation is voluntary, but both partners in a couple must agree to participate and sign a consent form before they are enrolled into the program.

Case Management and Employment Case Management Services

All couples are assigned a case manager for the entire time they are enrolled in the program. Case managers complete assessment of the family’s needs for services (e.g., medical, housing, educational, mental health, etc.) and connect couples to community resources for needed services. For couples with employment/career needs, employment case managers will work with the couple and/or individual to help with the stated employment needs as well as refer the couple or individual to agencies that specialize in employment services and will work in collaboration with those agencies to better assist participants.

Are you unable to join us for an online setting but still interested in the program? Would you like to stay in contact with our programs so you can join us once we resume our workshops in person? Please email and we can keep you connected. *

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