Free 6-Week Workshop

Couples learn about
• Communication and Conflict Management
• Stress Management
• Problem-Solving
• Financial Management

Workshop format
• Online video-conferencing sessions (via Zoom)

• 6 meetings (2.5 hours each)
• 6 to 10 couples per group
• Weeknights or weekends
• Led by experienced couple therapists and financial experts

Case Management

• One-on-one meetings with a designated case manager
• Assessment of family needs for services
• Connecting couples to community resources for needed services

Employment Services

Referrals for participants with employment/career needs to agencies that offer:
• Assessment of employment/career needs
• Job-related education and training
• Career coaching and job search assistance

Other Benefits

• Incentives (up to $160 in gift cards per couple) for completion of surveys and attendance